Nativity church (St. Nicholas)

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It was built in 1717 by Johann Jakob Herkomer (master builder of the Füssen monastery and the parish church of St. Mang) in its present form. In 1718 his nephew and pupil Johann Georg Fischer completed the church. A predecessor building, built in 1611, served the Jesuits of Füssen as their church until 1627. Discreet stucco, a magnificent high altar with a picture of the birth of Jesus and a choir fresco showing Saint Nicholas of Myra – the patron of the church – characterise the interior of the manger church.

It’s open during the day.


Location and parking possibilities

The Krippkirche is located directly in the pedestrian zone in the Reichenstraße, junction Schrannengasse.

From the public park underground car park it is a 2-minute walk to the Krippkirche.