The Hotel and Restaurant Alatsee The excursion restaurant with top cuisine

Experience nature

The hotel and restaurant Alatsee is beautifully situated on the legendary lake of the same name, which is idyllically framed by forests. It is a place of strength, a place of peace and contemplation. Hikers and walkers who come there for the first time are fascinated by the atmosphere. The hotel and restaurant Alatsee is located at the highest point in the Valley of the Senses, the Bad Faulenbach Valley. The terrace overlooks the lake.

More than seven years ago Miriam Huber and Janosch Kemmler invested a lot in this gem, especially ideas with a lot of love for detail. During the day it is an excursion restaurant offering homemade cakes and large ice-cream cups. There is sausage salad, schnitzel, soups, everything that guests expect from an excursion restaurant – only with one difference: in the hotel and restaurant Alatsee everything is designed for quality with regional products. For the past two years, the Alatsee Hotel and Restaurant has also been included in the Michelin Guide. “But we don’t want to call ourselves gourmet chefs – after all, we can’t either. But that’s up to the guests. It’s much nicer if we exceed their expectations and they enjoy the good food,” they both agree. Starting point is the car park Bad Faulenbach. From there it goes over the Ruchtisteig to the Oberer Kobelweg. The Hahnenkopfweg leads you to the “Zwei-Seen-Blick”. Walk to the Alatsee. Via Alatseestraße, past Obersee and Mittersee, you return to Bad Faulenbach.


M&J Hotel- Restaurant GmbH

Am Alatsee 1
87629 Füssen
Phone 0 83 62 / 62 05