The minister’s climb near Reutte/Mühl Gumpen, waterfalls & a suspension bridge

Experience nature

The hike to the Ministerteig in Reutte along the Archbach from Breitenwang to the Kleine Plansee is not only suitable for almost any weather, it is above all a beautiful family hike. With numerous gumpen, waterfalls and a suspension bridge, this excursion scores not only with adults but also with the children, who are enthusiastic and even bathe in the Gumpen when the weather is fine. Of course, parents should always keep an eye on their children, even in shallow water.


Directions: Coming from the Fernpass road in the direction of Reutte/Breitenwang and then follow the signs to Metallwerk Plansee in the Breitenwanger district of Mühl. Free parking spaces (880 m) are available behind the plant at the transformer station. Don’t be surprised at the industrial sight, which disappears after a few meters and you suddenly stand in nature.

Duration: The hike takes about 1.5 hours, is four kilometres long and has an ascent of 170 metres. It is recommended to run the lap counter-clockwise. The trail is well signposted.