The deepest rock gorge in Central Europe An unparalleled wonder of nature!

Experience nature

“There wallet and boil and roar and hiss” the waters of Breitach through the narrow gorge.

With almost a hundred metres high, vertical and overhanging walls, the water thunders over high rock banks, whirls through deep gullies and sprays itself into the finest droplets in which the light plays.

Some of the dark walls of the ravine have never seen the sun. Deep green mosses and dainty ferns love the moisture and some intrepid spruce trees have boldly settled on the smallest cliffs.

The Breitachklamm gorge has been a hiking trail since 1905. It used to be called the “Great Cattery”. Encouraged by their pastor, Johannes Schiebel, it was indeed a remarkable undertaking of the Tiefenbachers to make a possible path through the mighty gorge.
An unforgettable experience

This unique natural monument is the deepest and one of the most impressive rock gorges in Central Europe and is one of the most beautiful geotopes in Bavaria!
A visit is worthwhile in every season – even in the rain, because the more water flows, the more impressive the Breitachklamm looks. Except during the time of snow melting and in late autumn, the trail is accessible all year round.

Walk along the fascinating gorge on well-surfaced and secured paths. Shady trees and the coolness of the wild water make the Breitach Gorge a truly refreshing experience on warm summer days.


The current opening hours and further detailed information can be found on the Breitachklamm homepage.