The SevenStoneFountain Place: Kaiser-Maximilian-Platz


For the 700th anniversary of the city of Füssen in 1995, the Sparkasse Ostallgäu donated the SiebenSteinBrunnen in front of the Tourist Information and the new Sparkassen building. The artist’s idea was to set the seven centuries of city history in motion with seven columns.

The seven columns, which are between 2.80 m and 3.50 m high and weigh a total weight of approximately 16 tons, were split out of a raw block of a primitive rock from the Permian (200 to 250 million years old), the lamprophyry from Sora near Bautzen in Upper Lusatia. Each column was drilled longitudinally and divided into head and body. Head and body are precisely ground together. If water pressure is now applied to the head through the hole, the head becomes freely movable on the water film. Different shapes of the joint surfaces cause the heads to rotate, pitch or wobble at different speeds.

The arrangement of the columns and the different movements of the individual heads give the impression of people standing together in small groups and talking. So perhaps two appear as a couple, while others form a group of three, the most powerful comes along as a greeter and one, the “wacko”, dances out of line.
The distances between the columns seem to be dimensioned in such a way that you can cross them without getting wet. If it’s not windy and you like slalom, maybe it could be true. Just give it a try.