The Petersbergalm (1,250 m) The last Senn Alm in the Lech valley

Mountain hut magic

The side valley community of Hinterhornbach is also part of it and lies at 1,101 metres directly at the foot of the Hochvogel (2,592 m). In ancient times, the village was an insider tip, especially among smugglers. So one could quickly and mostly unseen cross the border to Germany and smuggle all kinds of useful things. Today exactly these paths are signposted and developed as hiking trails. Since the road ends in Hinterhornbach, a town with 93 souls, the charming community is rewarded with through traffic and noise. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, this is the place to be!

The Petersbergalm is also located in Hinterhornbach at 1250 meters. It has been managed for over 100 years. It is the only alpine dairy farm in the Lech valley with dairy cows that produces its own cheese. Karl-Heinz Strohmaier and his family have been on the alp for 15 years. The master cheesemaker produces four tons of cheese annually, including beer cheese, Tilsiter and the mountain cheese that matures for up to two years. The Petersbergalm is a gem in the middle of an unspoilt, powerful landscape. Already the way to the Petersbergalm inspires the big and small hikers. Along the six-kilometre-long hiking trail, small and large waterfalls can be seen to the left and right.



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